If you are wondering, “am I an alcoholic?” you need to know everything about alcohol addiction signs and symptoms. My father was an alcoholic, and I lost him to addictions and self-destructive tendencies. This is why I raise awareness for alcoholism and advise everyone to educate themselves as much as possible.

I lost my mother, and soon after her passing away, I lost my dad to alcoholism. Frankly, it is quite difficult for me to process all that pain, and write down something about my parents. However, I feel urged and forced to share my experience with you and inform you all about the negative consequences and signs of alcoholism.

When my mom passed away, my dad started drinking again and began abusing alcohol. I had known all my life that he had troubles with elderly alcohol abuse, but I had never seen it with my own eyes. I did share a few whiskeys with him, but soon after the funeral, his tendencies grew worse, and every time I saw him, he had a drink in his hand.

At that point, I started researching about the associated signs and symptoms of alcohol abuse. I was worried about my dad, and one night when he asked me, “Christine? Is that you?” I knew I had to do something fast for my dad. So, my research into alcoholism began, and I started jotting down all the relevant details about this disease.

One of the very first things that you need to know about symptoms of alcoholism is that it all begins with one drink. Soon, the addicts refuse to cope with their pain without holding a drink in their hands. The same was the case with my dad. After the funeral, I never saw him without a drink in his hand, and everything accelerated at a tremendous rate after that. Here are some signs associated with alcoholism that was also true for my dad.

two glasses of whiskey.

One of the most elemental and easily observable signs of chronic alcoholism is the presence of temporary blackouts. This is also another name for short-term memory loss, and my father exhibited this sign during the first stages of his addiction. He continuously forgot my name or the fact that I was in the house.

Another most crucial sign for alcohol addiction is the sudden change in temperament, irritability, and extreme mood swings from time to time. Some days, my dad was quite happy, whereas there were also days when he was depressed, sad, and wouldn’t come out of his room.

Another thing that my dad did was to come up with various illogical excuses for drinking. This is another essential factor in the signs of an alcoholic. They come up with excuses to satisfy their drinking patterns, and use alcohol for relaxation or dealing with stress.

There are other signs and symptoms associated with alcohol addiction, and these include avoiding obligations and choosing drinking, self-isolation and social distancing, and feeling hungover even without drinking.

If you are also like me, and you care about your family’s well-being, you can research more about alcoholism symptoms and stay up-to-date with the current news. You can also use a brief quiz to judge whether or not you or your loved ones are suffering from alcoholism. These questions may include the following vital queries, and you can opt for a simple alcoholism test to help those in need.

Have you ever thought that you have a drinking problem, and you need to cut back on your alcohol abuse?

Moreover, if you feel like your drinking patterns are getting out of control, you need to seek immediate help.

The second question to ask yourself is that has anyone every disparaged your drinking habits?

If they have, this means that you have an obvious and observable drinking problem, and you need to seek help.

The third question in this quiz is self-assessment. Have you ever felt bad about your alcohol drinking habits?

If yes, you need to reach out to someone and ask for professional help as soon as possible.

The last question that you need to ask yourself is whether or not you have ever had a drink to get started in the morning or to get over a hangover?

If yes, you must ask for help and get rid of this filthy habit.

When my dad was suffering, I did my best to help him, but I was too late. I just wish I knew all this sooner, and I could have been there for him when his problems began.